Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Houston Vietnamese Restaurant

Vietnamese cuisine seems easy to prepare, yet a lot of restaurateurs can't seem to get the right taste. There are plenty of Vietnamese restaurants in Houston, but the following three restaurants serve real Vietnamese taste and offer a number of traditional dishes on really affordable prices.

A Ly Oriental Restaurant: 11360 Bellaire Blvd

This Vietnamese restaurant is simply amazing. It is one of the most genuine Vietnamese restaurants in Houston. A Ly Oriental seems to be especially utilitarian - having simple and natural atmosphere. The shrimp spring rolls are the best among all the appetizers served. And wonton soup that is served with vegetables is the special dish. You can have walnut chicken, pan-fried vermicelli, and spicy scallops as part of the main menu. They only offer jasmine tea instead of oolong tea.

Anh Dao: 8244 Antoine Dr

At Anh Dao, the Bo Luc Lac is the hot pick of all the customers since no other restaurant makes their lime sauce as tasty and their beef is always tender and baked right! With the Vietnamese Egg Rolls is offered their remarkable Nuc Bam, just perfect combo of carrots, fish, and red pepper! The ambiance isn't so wonderful, it's the very last thing you're wondering about with all the passion they put in their cuisine!

BoBa Cafe Vietnamese Cuisine: 1113 Holman St

The most famous dish at BoBa café is their Vietnamese sandwich that is fresh, big in size, and of course, delicious. They serve you Pho which two of you can easily share. It's located in a small strip center with an amazingly huge number of parking spaces. Very economic prices and hot entrees that smell really good and the aroma is something which will keep you remember Boba café's dinner forever. Kim and her husband (both the owners) make the first-rate Pho in the town and they also serve it with a home-grown chili paste. The place is perfectly clean and the waiters are very sociable.

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