Sunday, September 7, 2008

610 Houston

Having lived in Houston area for so long, my lot of memories is associated with 610 loop in Houston. For the outsiders, 610 is the ring rode encircling Houston. If you want to roam around in Houston, just enter into 610, take any exit, drive around, come back on 610 and you will be back home.

During my teenage days, when we just got our license to drive, we used to have a competition whoever completes the circle first. Now I get scared even to think about how fast we used to drive. Well those are the teen days. Once cops caught us speeding (we were 20 miles above the limit). Despite our pleas, we were almost to get the ticket. However, luckily at the same time, cop’s wireless buzzed informing him a gun shooting on near-by. He has to rush away immediately. That was the luck.

If you are Rocket’s fan, Sports Radio 610 is home to Rockets.

The places inside the loop are called inner loop or inside the city. Places outside the loop are outer loop. Indeed I-610 being a circle, name gets changed from East to North to West to South in the same road.

So this is to long live 610 and long live Houston.

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