Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Houston French Restaurants

Here are some of the very famous French restaurants in Houston where you'll love to go whenever you visit Houston:

La Madelain French Bakery & Cafe

The La Madelain French Bakery & Café offers good food, with a soothing and fairly accurate "French country" environment. Probably it's not considered among the excellent French food restaurants in the city, but the overall environment is good. The salads, desserts, and steaks are consistent and very traditional. Onion and tomato-basil are special dishes. The French roast coffee is very delicious. The roasted chicken is well served with dips and the desserts are the best serving, a cardiologist's dream. It is somewhat different and amazing place with a quick service, for a peaceful breakfast experience in early morning.

Le Mistral
Le Mistral is one of the nice restaurants in Houston with an obvious French ambience. Le Mistral serves French food coupled with tasty wines. A few standouts include the filet of red snapper that is seasoned and encased in an attractive pastry with a plain morel paste. Another hot picked dish is the rack of lamb that they serve hot, coupled with a gorgeous mixture of pesto-punched cauliflower along with haricots. You'll take pleasure in having a fine glass of wine with your meal; the wine list is fantastic and crammed with values.

Bistro Provence
All the wines served here are absolutely French and famous desserts include:
· Natural citrus sorbets
· Rice pudding served with crispy caramel plus baba au rhum
· Grainy sponge cake mixed with rhum syrup with a steamy apricot and fluffy cream
Get ready to be wowed. The service is sociable and superb. The food is tasty from the starters throughout the dessert.

Le Peep-Shepherd Plaza
Le Peep is Houston's most preferred place for breakfast as well as lunch. For starters, enjoy the aroma of Cinnamon rolls that they serve real hot with their homemade icings. You can select from the following super American classic breakfast items:
· Eggs
· Bacon
· Sausage
· Thomas' English muffins
· Ham
· Pancakes
· Eggs Benedict
· French toast
· Cookies along with gravy
All this will get your dawn started right.

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