Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Houston Sushi Restaurants

Eating sushi in Houston's sushi restaurants is just an extension of the fantastic tasting seafood that one can get in Houston on the Texas beaches. Several of these places offer some of the most delicious sushi in South Texas.

Miyako - 3910 Kirby Drive, Suite A, Houston, TX 77098 - 713-520-9797

This restaurant is serving fresh sushi for many years. But, it just recently became recognized by its customers to have the freshest sushi in the city. This restaurant has more than forty different servings of sushi as well as sashimi, which includes the choice of soy paper or seaweed wrap. Among other servings are tempuras along with teriyaki entrées.

Uptown Sushi - 1131 Uptown Park Blvd., Suite 14, Houston, TX 77056 - 713-871-1200

This self-service restaurant oozes ambiance and sophistication. Though Uptown Sushi offers more of the blending style of sushi, sushi fans will be in love with this place. The price range for entrées is $15-$28, and contains the blackened lobster along with shrimp fettuccine.

Azuma Rice Village - 5600 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77005 - 713-432-9649

This restaurant is best acknowledged for its sizzling rock beef. If you are unsure exactly what sizzling beef is, well it is just as it sounds. It is pieces of beef grilled on a hot rock at the table. Azuma Rice Village offers a great variety of sake with a number of different Japanese beers.

Blue Fish House - 2241 Richmond Ave., Houston, TX 77098 - 713-529-3100

This restaurant is actually a Japanese teashop. However the interior is a bit old-fashioned, the foodstuff and service make up for the lack of room. The price range for menu items is $2-$14.95.

Although none of these paces features buffets, the originality and innovation of their meals says it all. Furthermore, because the sushi and sashimi is freshly cooked, it appeals more than a mere buffet.

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